Productive Summer

I was mostly a stay-at-home dad this summer, which is why I surprised myself by being (relatively) super-productive on the fiction writing front.  I should be thanking my wife and parents for their share of the childcare (Thanks!), and local coffee shops for use of their facilities.  Also managed a lot of reading this summer, which was a nice change from the way things had been going during several previous summers.

If you weren’t already aware, I’m currently posting a monthly digest of fiction on my crowdfunding page (  Each issue is available as a subscriber exclusive for a period of one month, after which I either release the issue publicly on Patreon, or hold it back while I submit the work to a traditional market.  Come on over and be part of the experiment.  If you dare…  Bum-bum-BUMMMMMM!!!  …  Okay, inappropriate overtones of suspense…

I’m going to be releasing each of the nanofiction pieces from my Digest issues (starting with Issue #5).  I will put them out on my Facebook page and Twitter account, and will also start archiving them on this site.  If you see one drifting around in the Internet-sphere, feel free to share it with people.

I’ve also been making a lot of progress on other short stories, outside of the digest.  I have a few out in submission now, and a few more that will hopefully be ready in the ever-popular not-too-distant future.  More as it develops.

I promise to be back in less months than last time.  Circumstances permitting.

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