Stumble Into Power

So, I self-published my first short story collection, “Stumble Into Power.”  The collection contains twenty-one stories (totaling about 60K words) that have appeared either in traditional publications, my monthly crowdfunded digest (or both of these), or are completely new to everyone but Alyssa and a few friends.  I can’t thank my crowdfunding patrons enough; the core of the collection consists heavily of stories they supported.

This project was about a year and a half in the making, though it could have gone much more quickly than that.  I had no external deadline, up until very recently, so I took my sweet-ass time getting through the editing process (I had a few other people read the manuscript, but I was the main editor).  What finally spurred me to wrap things up was a contest deadline for self-published Wisconsin writers (I’m now all of that), which happened at the end of June.  So, on June 29th, I published, and then entered the contest.  I’m very happy that it all came together.

The collection is available here:

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