The Sharpening of My Brain

I don’t know if this happens to other people who have babies, but once I made it through the haze of the first month after my son’s birth, everything suddenly became sharper for me.  I’m finding more of a rhythm to my day-to-day schedule, which is quite strange, given that the baby sleeps somewhat irregularly, and I sleep erratically myself (check back later for my thesis on the difference between irregular and erratic sleeping).

This morning, I was able to get up and get through the day’s writing goals before I headed off to the day job, something that has not happened much in the last year or two.  So, tonight, instead of feeling the weight of the writing hanging over my head, I’m going to take the time to do some fun, relaxing activities, like buying cat litter, changing the litter boxes, feeding the cats, putting away the clean laundry, cleaning up the bedroom, cleaning up the living room, sorting through old papers and files, cleaning the bathroom, etc.  Yup, I’m living the good life.

Seriously though, freeing my brain up to think about these other things can only be a positive.  I’m trying to do a Total Synchronization of my work habits (across all platforms), so I’ll take the reinforcement wherever I can find it.

Plus, the baby is always around, in case my brain’s edge starts to go a little dull again.

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