Sorry for the delay in following up on my last post.  I’ve been busy, busy, busy, with fatherhood, getting situated in our new home, and, thankfully, the work of writing stories.  I trust that those of you have been waiting for the results of my poll with bated breath had your breath sufficiently un-bated when you passed out.

At the closing of the polls, the top vote-getter was Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good,” so I’m happy to announce “Life’s Been Good” as my Retroactive Moving Theme Song.  Fittingly enough, I did hear the song again on the radio the day after the end of voting, which is probably now a less interesting point, given the non-immediacy of my reporting here.  I’m sure that this high and dubious honor will follow Mr. Walsh into the Halls of Valhalla, where he can write an ambivalent sequel song about his new, catastrophically more opulent existence.

I’ll drop by again soon-ish for updates on other sectors of life.  I’m working through a couple of new story drafts, both of which I hope to submit in the near future.

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