Flooding the Zone

Hey, so, sorry, didn’t get back as quickly as I’d hoped to at one point.

Also, the writing has been a little more sporadic in the last two weeks.  Hopefully, that won’t dilute what I’m about to say.

Yes, as you might suspect from my previous post, the idea of Flooding the Zone, as applied to writing is not too much different as the same idea applied to writing.  Basically, I’ve been keeping multiple story drafts open, every day, letting myself go where the inspiration leads.  This was working like gangbusters (two story drafts completed, a few more moved much farther down the road), up until I hit a bit of a cold patch recently.

The cold patch has had more to do with other fathering/household responsibilities than anything, so I’ve been sticking with the Flooding the Zone plan for the time being.  Of course, the question becomes:  What happens when I get discouraged on multiple stories at the same time…?  Guess we’ll all find out together.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to finally get a few more stories out in submission by the weekend, and to push forward on some of these other drafts.

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