Well, it’s the Day After the Last Day at the Day Job.  I’m sitting in the living room, with a cat sprawled on the chair next to me.  My brain is starting to come out the other end of the decompression process, sort of like a car going through a car wash where the jets have been turned up so high that you come out thinking that the car must be super-duper-uber clean, while also feeling certain that your car’s paint job couldn’t possibly have come out intact.

It’s Saturday, and I’m shifting gears, both in terms of writing, and in terms of our move Up North.  Alyssa and the baby are flying up later this week, and I’m going to be driving a moving truck early next week to meet them.  And then, the new life really gets cooking.

Now that I’ve (mostly) successfully excised the Day Job from my brain, I plan on posting a lot more often on the website (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), and also annoying the world with constant Tweets about the subtle variations in my mood.

I know you’re skeptical.  Let’s do a litmus test and see if I return to post tomorrow, and also on Monday.

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