This is the First Day of My Last Days… in the South

Okay, maybe that should have been the title for yesterday.  In any case, we spent seven years in Baton Rouge, and two years in Tallahassee, and now we’re moving to Wisconsin.  This is cool by us, because we are Midwesterners at heart.  Lately, people here in Florida have been saying to us, “…but, the winters up there…,” to which I always emphatically respond, “Yeah, but the summers down here…”  We have good friends in Louisiana and Florida, but we’re ready to go back north, and our good friends will continue to be our good friends.

We spent several hours packing last night, and made a lot of progress.  The cat did not care for the activity and the shifting landscape in the living room, so she abdicated her throne and went into exile in the bedroom.

I have this feeling that this might be the least-last-minute move of our lives.  I feel like we should be more or less completely packed by mid-week, well in advance of picking up the truck next Sunday.  So far, so good.

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