We have this framed picture of Led Zeppelin, gifted to us by a friend during our college years, that features a low-quality, painted-over photograph of the band standing in a field, their logo, a zeppelin in the sky, and the words “FINAL TOUR” in blocky letters.

I have no idea about the history of this picture (and I refuse to do any additional research this morning).  I’m pretty sure that Led Zeppelin’s final tour was not called a final tour in promotional materials, given that it only became their final tour due to the death of John Bonham.  And if the picture was made after the band had broken up, in the aftermath of Bonham’s death, it’s sure a lousy tribute to the final tour.  It doesn’t even provide any details (tour dates, show locations, etc.).  It simply says “FINAL TOUR, and just be grateful I told you that much.”

Alyssa has wrapped the picture in bubble-wrap, and it’s sitting on its side, waiting to be stuffed into a box.  Meanwhile, we are continuing our Final Tour of Tallahassee, trying to see as many friends as we can, and trying to stop by all of our favorite haunts.  Last night, we we went to our favorite Thai restaurant, Reangthai.  We had a fabulous meal, and said our goodbyes to Donna, the owner/chef. Ricky spent a lot of time taking the place in.  That’s only proper; he’s been going there since before he was born.

Reangthai is one of several places we wish we could take north with us.  If I could rent a truck big enough to take them all, I’d do it, and happily keep paying off the bill into the next century.  Because I’m told that’s unrealistic foolishness, we have to settle for seeing everybody one last time.  I can only hope that someday, someone produces a bland picture of our family with FINAL TOUR printed in block letters across the bottom.

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