Litmus Test Passed

Let’s see how much more I can mangle the Litmus Test Metaphor.  I was just thinking that if our society continues to degrade science and education (and especially science education), there may come a day when no one remembers what a litmus test is.  As a reminder, you use a litmus test to determine whether a solution is acidic or basic.  For more information, consult the Internet.

But that’s not why I brought you here this morning.  I brought you here this morning to note that this is Day 3 of the New Blogging Era of Jon (for semi-illumination on the whole “litmus test” thing, see Saturday’s entry).  And that’s the last we’ll speak of it.

To continue rambling in any direction I see fit to ramble, let me close by saying that the baby has already rejected the bouncer chair as a morning hangout spot.  He is now interested in grabbing everything from the laptop to my phone to the burgundy pillow to my left.  What he intends to do with all of these things is anybody’s guess.  I’m pretty sure he’s never seen MacGyver.

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