Another Monday Thought

As I’m feeding the baby his avocado, let me also take a moment to provide a how-to-read tip about the posts on this site.

If you go through and read all of my posts from the last year-plus, and continue to read the new posts as I put them up, it is probable that you may run into contradictory information about my approach to writing.  If this is the case, don’t despair.  It’s sort of a feature of the system.

I’m feeling more confident in my abilities as a writer these days, but this is well above average for the last seventeen years.  For most of that time, I’ve found myself coming up with new mental frameworks, new approaches to writing, flailing around to find any little thing that will work for me.  I’m still suffering from this mindset, despite my general feeling that my writing process has improved substantially.

Just keep this in mind if I suddenly post something about writing that seems wildly contradictory with something I posted in the previous month.

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