Happy ‘days.

Happy New Year, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I’ve been sort of out-of-commission lately.  We all caught colds after the holidays, and I’ve had some other physical ailments pop up in the last few weeks.  Also, dealing with other family health issues.  Also, also, dealing with a toddler who is now walking all over the place, and giving his stay-at-home father some deep indigestion.  Mostly recovered now, and adjusting, and trying to feel like a real, live person again.

Also had a hilarious (if you have a deeply cynical sense of humor, maybe) crash-and-burn with one of my story drafts in the last two months.  I worked and worked and worked at this anonymous story draft, put a lot of energy and effort into it, and when it reached my First Editor (Alyssa), big, resounding fart noise.  Haven’t really had a spectacular failure like that in my writing life, to this point, which is more a testament to my relative lack of effort than anything.  I’ll admit, the failure did sting quite a bit, though it didn’t really hit me until days after the feedback, but I’m trying to pick myself up again and throw myself into other projects.  I’ll probably return to the failed draft sometime in the future, because I think it still has a good idea at its core (as well as some salvageable parts), but for now, I’m content to let it stew on the back burner.

Anyway, more thoughts in the near future, as they come to me.  Hope you all are well.

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