I’m Alive, but no longer in Perfect Hibernation…

Hey, just thought I’d write something on my website, for old time’s (old times’ ?) sake.  I’ve been dormant in website updates, but not so in general writing work.  I’ve been quite productive over the last two months, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Still have a number of stories out in submission, and I’m finishing up several more, and still working on new stuff day to day.

I know I always say this after some time off from posting, but I’m planning to post more on the website, now that I’m in a pretty good writing groove.  To prove it, this time, I’m going to write another post today (just see if I don’t…).

Hmm.  Is there more to say beyond that, in this particular post…?  Maybe not.  You’re welcome.

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