Return of the Day Job

So we were looking at our finances after the first year of me being a stay-at-home father/writer and we said, “Well… it’s okay, but we’re not where we want to be…”  As a result, I have gone back to work.  In fact, we made the decision on August 5th, and I actually started work at my new day job on September 24th.

I know.  I am completely thankful that everything worked out so quickly.  I’ve done numerous job searches over the last five years, and I know that this is not the norm.  I’m absolutely thankful.

I wouldn’t trade the year at home with Ricky for anything.  We had a blast.  At the same time, I do feel like daycare is going to be good for him, at this point (he started on 9/24).  He needs the socialization (and the antibody-building).  We built a schedule where he can still see my parents several times a week also, and he seems to be doing well with the whole package.

The last year has also been very valuable for me with respect to my writing.  I’ve been way more productive than ever before, and I’ve started to build a confidence in what I’m doing that I had previously been lacking.

So I’m entering this new era with no apprehension.  I’m going to keep writing, whenever I can, in between day jobs, and hanging out with my son and my wife, and houshold stuff, and whatever else.  Should be fun.

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