Riding the Storm Out

Okay, so the journey back into the Land of Day Job has been a little rough on my writing life.  More so than I expected.  I went into a bit of a funk in the first two weeks, and didn’t do much writing besides my private journal writing (no, I’m not going to show it to you; it’s private).  It’s sort of been like setting out on an ocean journey in the middle of a hurricane, without sufficient equipment.  Or training.

That being said, as the ocean has settled, I’ve made the pleasant discovery that the last year-plus of stay-at-home dadding/writing was apparently sufficient to flush a lot of information from my last several jobs out of my brain, the sort of stuff that I was trying to remember on the off chance that it would be of use to some sort of anonymous and vaguely threatening auditing body that wanted to know what the hell I was doing during those years.  This is allowing my brain to soak up a lot of new information about my new job very quickly, which is profoundly flattening the learning curve.

I’m also starting to get back on the horse with regards to story writing.  Little by little, I’m patching together writing sessions from the early morning, my lunch breaks, the evenings, and the weekends.  I’m sure I’ll be fully adjusted in another week or two.

I do have that new publication news that I mentioned recently, and I actually do have more details now, but I’m going to hold off for another week or two.  This is obviously a big tease, which is meant to draw you back to my website again and again, parched for the water of information, while I sit back and laugh the laugh of an evil mad scientist (as opposed to a mad evil scientist; totally different), and punch kittens while I watch you squirm (not really).  Anyways, more on that soon.

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